Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sri Siva Veera Bathra Kaliamman Alayam, Kajang (Selangor)

The ferocious personification of Amman resides in this temple, and is famous for her mysterious miracles amongst the temple devotees. This extensive temple was initiated by Mr.Thangavel. In an extraordinary series of events, the commandment to construct this temple was specified. Mr.Thangavel who was praying at the nearby Muneeswaran temple had got into a trance, and ran towards a snake mound. He then pointed towards the snake mound and declared that Goddess Kaliamman resides there and should be worshipped. After that, a small shrine was built for Goddess Kaliamman. Due to Mr.Thangavel’s devotion to Goddess Kalimman, he was able to be an intermerdiary between the Goddess and her devotees. Therefore, he conducted spiritual séances daily and invoked the energy of Goddess Kaliamman. During the séances, Goddess Kaliamman would advice the multitude of devotees on their household difficulties. This would range from financial difficulties, childlessness, family disputes and so forth.

One particular devotee who was afflicted by black magic came regularly for advice and spiritual treatment. The unfortunate devotee had unknowingly joined a spiritual organisation that practised witchcraft. After this became apparent to him, he left this organisation but suffered the wrath of it's members. Due to this, the devotee became accident prone, had vicious nightmares and had suicidal tendencies. He came to the temple in search of solace, and was immediately taken care by Goddess Kaliamman. She instructed him to participate in temple puja’s and also pray to Lord Hanuman for strength. Slowly but surely, this ill-stricken devotee recovered from the malevolent ailment and has become a stronger person. He now prays daily at the temple and is extremely joyous for having a better life.

The unique feature in this temple is the powerful spiritual items contained in the foundation of the Goddess Kaliamman’s inner sanctum. In the foundation is 1008 conch shells, 50 pounds of gold jewellery and Goddess Kaliamman’s yantra. The combination of these powerful items harmonizes the energy of the Goddess Kaliamman, and bestows peace and tranquillity amongst her devotees.
Address: 16 1/2 mile, Sungai Jelok, Kajang . Tel:03 87331359


Kumaresh Batumalai said...

I would like to sincerely thank Indranx and his buddies for showing me the temples of Kajang. They are proud Hindus and therefore requested me to write about their temples. Thanks

Indranx said...


Nice story sir. Thank you for your kindly visit.

Anonymous said...

where exactly is this temple? the address given is wrong,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Kumaresh Batumalai said...

HI Anonymous,
If you have the right address, please let me know and I will correct it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

the above address leads to a printing company,,,n when u call them,they don't want to tell where is the temple. many ppl have actually face difficulties due to the wrong address n phone number. the right address after I went deep searching in kajang is 16 1/2 mile,sungai jelok,kajang

Amoi Kajang said...

Turn into Jalan Sg. Jelok from Kajang Town. You will see shops then some single storey houses on your left. Notice on your right, a small hindu shrine, just before a row of shops. Turn right into that road before the shops and your will find the temple just ahead.