Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Arulmigu Sree Veera Hanuman Temple, Brickfields (Kuala Lumpur)

This quaint temple has acquired a staunch following in recent years, due to the magical presence of Lord Hanuman. This temple originated from a shrine at the KL Sentral monorail station. The shrine had shifted to Scott Road in the last 10 years, due to construction of the rail station. As Lord Hanuman is energetic, hence it is only befitting that its current chairman is active and youthful. Mr. Suresh, who is the current chairman of the temple, has been instilling his creativity into the temple. The new ‘gopuram’ of the temple will be characterised by Lord Hanuman’s tail, making the temple distinctive in design.

In the tale of Ramayana, Lord Hanuman was sent as messenger to meet Ravana at Lanka. Upon arrival at Ravana’s palace, Lord Hanuman was refused a seat. Therefore Lord Hanuman used his tail as a chair, elevating himself higher than Ravana. Lord Ravana becomes enraged, and orders Lord Hanuman's execution. However, Ravana's brother intervenes; pointing out that it is was unethical to kill a messenger. Ravana then orders that Lord Hanuman's tail be lit instead. As Ravana's guards attempt to set ablaze his tail, Lord Hanuman escapes from his captors. Lord Hanuman with his tail on fire burns down most of Lanka.

Mr. Suresh was inspired to design the 'gopuram' after having a magnificent vision of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman appeared before him in a warrior pose, with his tail held upright. Lord Hanuman’s armour had razor trimmings attached, indicating that Lord Hanuman was ready for battle. Lord Hanuman guards this vicinity with much courage, and will eliminate evil forces when necessary. Once, a Malay lorry driver passed through Scott Road at 2am. He was startled when he saw an apparition of an enormous monkey attired with warrior garments walking along Scott Road. This only confirms that Lord Hanuman is always on patrol in this vicinity. Many devotees who have been afflicted by black magic or evil spirits come to this temple for spiritual recovery. Also, many students come to this temple to have Lord Hanuman’s blessings before proceeding for an exam. The blessing will enhance their courage, and allow for a victorious examination.
Address: Lot P.T. 22 Jalan Scott Brickfield Kuala Lumpur


Indranx said...

Thanks for your information sir.
Im 1 of Lord Hanuman's devotee too, but i don't know the Scood Road temple's history before.

I visit this temple every month once.

Kumaresh Batumalai said...

Vanakkam Indranx,
Thank you for the feedback. Likewise I would encourage you to register your email with the blog, so I can email the latest stories effortlessly. Once again, thank you.

Vj said...

Jai sri ram,
Very beautifull article .Infact i am also a devotee of Lord hanuman.I hv been to this temple many times and i have many of my trouble solved.i mentioned this to my friends and miracle happen .Pray to him with full devotion and he will answer your prayers .always remember we are always the servant of Lord hanuman

Kumaresh Batumalai said...

Vanakkam vj,
I do agree praying to Lord Hanuman is extremely beneficial in gaining self confidence, gradual decrease of mental worries, spiritual and material wealth, etc. Especially when you recite Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis.

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Thanks for the good write up about the temple, and the brief but interesting story of Hanuman. However, can you tell me where exactly on Scott Road is the location?

The Malaysian Explorer

Kumaresh Batumalai said...

If you take the Monorail, get off at Tun Sambanthan, and walk past the MAB building until you reach Scott Road Murugan temple. Then turn left, and you will pass Scott Villa on your left. Further up on your right is the Hanuman temple.

alphaguy said...

Jai Hanuman,

Thanks for the information on Hanuman Temple. I was searching for Hanuman Temple in KL area..Finally I found one. I am a devotee of the great anjenayar..

I came across so many time tht chanting the Hanuman Chalisa is very helpful..but can any1 tell whr to find Hanuman Chalisa in tamil

Thanks & God Bless..

learning oracle said...

jai Sri Ram.

i used to visit this temple daily when i was in malaysia. really nice experience there . every minute you can feel anjaneyars blessing there.

lord amjaneyar is waiting with more solutions than your problems.

Jack Chai said...

Jai Hanuman!!
There is a Muneesvarar temple beside Hanuman temple now.

Thank you for creating this blog. Keep it up. I will subscribe.


Karthik said...

Thanks guys!!!

I would like to know how to travel from Jalan Bukit Bintang (KL) to this hanuman temple. Please advice is there any other near by temple?
Your help is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

You can use the monorail service that will take you from Bukit Bintang to Tun Sambanthan stop, Brickfields. Once you're in Brickfields, walk towards the Murugan temple. The Hanuman temple is on the left.

Karthik said...

I was able to locate the temple as per your direction. Some renovation work is going on. Thanks alot.

babyboi_143 said...


i am from singapore i was on a short visit to KL last Thursday to sunday and was stayin at Crowne Plaza hotel. Every saturday i will normally take fasting and go to the temple in singapore to pray to Anjenayar i was actually worried that i will not be able to pray to him that was wen there was this hotel taxi driver by the name of GUNA was telling abt the Anjenayar temple at Jalan sccots i went wit him on saturday and i was surprised to see Anjenayar its a great temple. anyways can any one tell mi abt the Hanuman Chalisa.

sashi_kl said...

Yellam Pugalum Iraivanekeh~

Jai Shri Ram~

Gud job Mr Kumaresh Batumalai...your blog was recommended to me by a colleague & i found it really interesting facts. Waiting for your next list of temples in your blog.

Sashikumar Muniandy

subash said...

Jai Hanuman,wonderful article.The hanuman statue in this temple looks epic.No wonder how big is ur problem,tell him.And i'm pretty sure that he will answer and solve ur problems.Trust him and he will help.Look,HE is THERE for us...Jai HANUMAN

Aparna A said...
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