Monday, September 8, 2008

Raja Rajeswary Temple, Ampang (Kuala Lumpur)

This temple which resembles a palace is the spiritual abode of Goddess Raja Rajeswary. Raja Rajeswari is the presiding deity of Sri Yantra. Sri Yantra is a configuration of nine interlocking triangles. The five downward pointing triangles represent Shakti, and four upright triangles represent Shiva. Goddess Raja Rajeswari has four hands, three eyes and wields a noose, goad, sugar cane bow and five flowered arrows. The temple was established in 1974, and is the pride and the joy of its departed founder, Mr. K Suppiah. He had taken a considerable amount of his time, effort and creativity to develop this previous empty piece of land into a spiritual architectural delight. The temple is abundant with neem, bael, champa, and jamun trees. Also found are tulasi (holy basil), jasmine shrubs and sugar cane. The entrance of the temple is adorned with a water fountain, whilst the rear end of the temple has a spectacular water cascade. The temple has become a spiritual oasis for Hindu devotees of Klang Valley.

Due to his devotion to Goddess Raja Rajeswary, Mr. K Suppiah has been blessed with several visions of this Goddess. During the Mahakumbhabishegam, the committee members of the temple along with several priests went to the bank of Ampang river to collect soil. This religious ceremony is known as “Punitha Man Eduthal” translated as collecting of sacred soil. As they were departing back to the temple, Mr. K Suppiah noticed that Goddess Raja Rajeswary followed them after partaking in this religious ceremony. He was astounded by this beautiful vision of the sacred Goddess.

As the years passed, Mr. K Suppiah’s health deteriorated. A few months before his loss, he had another vision of Goddess Raja Rajeswary. He dreamt of the Goddess walking from the temple inner sanctum towards the entrance of the temple. At the entrance of the temple, the Goddess laughed joyously. She then proclaimed that she was contented with her palatial residence and thanked Mr. K Suppiah for his endeavour. Although Mr. K Suppiah has passed away, he has left an immense spiritual legacy that benefits the entire Hindu community of Malaysia.
Address: 4 1/2 mile, Jln Ulu Kelang, Ampang. Tel: 0342564059


Thanneer said...

Excellent effort Kumaresh. Keep up the good work.

Thanneermalai L

jasyindar said...

One Of My Top 5,
Favourite Temples In Malaysia!

Jai Amba!
Daya Pari Namostute!

kalai said...

Just to share................. There is another Raja Rajeswari Amman temple in Menglembu,Ipoh.

Not as big, But the temple already here more than 30 years!!

Do visit when drop by to Ipoh!!

Mike said...

How exactly do you get to this temple? I can't find Jalan Ulu Kelang on any maps at all. Would you be able to provide detailed directions from Ampang Point?



Ramesh B said...

Thanks for this write up. It made my eyes tear up. K Suppiah is my grandfather. My father is his eldest son, and i am my father's eldest son.
He spent his whole life devoted to the temple. He was very strict with cleanliness and it can be seen in the spotless floor and stairs of the temple. You walk barefooted and look at your soles and it wont even be dust on it.

if you can find ampang point, you are already around the corner. follow the MRR2 (that is the new name for jalan ulu klang) head towards the zoo from jalan ampang, and make the 1st U turn. You will see it on the left hand side. Make sure u always keep left or you make over shoot and go up the flyover which is a long way for a u turn back.

I am actually unhappy now with the politics and power struggle that ensued after his demise. He would have hated this things going on if he was around. But still, the temple belongs to HER, Goddess Rajeswari, and not the committee members!

019 267 3729

Kumaresh Batumalai said...

Dear Ramesh,
Thank you for providing the directions. There are many Hindu temples in Malaysia that have problems with their committee. Perhaps it is best to leave it in the hands of the deity to decide the future of the temple.

learning oracle said...

there is a temple near pudu raya . not the court hill vinayagar temple. i visited this temple and felt very peacefull. will some devotee post more details of that temple too. TIA.
thayey saranam

Anonymous said...

This is Jayalakshmi.B. from Rajapalayam Tamilnadu.On 3-03-10 I saw the Rajarajeswari Temple in Malaysia through the TV programme SUTTRULA POLAM VANGA.I am involved in recital of SOWNDHARYALAHARI--A great work of ADHISHANKARA.There are 100 slokas.First part talks about different sastras and the second part vividly describes Ambhigai's beauty from head to toe. Thrice I have taken classes for the housewives in U.S.I had the golden opportunity to talk abouts Her glory at LIVERMORETEMPLE-California -- I will be blessed if I get an opportunity to address the devotees at Rajarajeswari temple.Please guide me to take the necessary steps to be taken in this regard.

jayathilak said...

hi anyone there how to get this temple using public transport.Thank You.

Balasekaran said...

Dear Jayalaksmi,
I would like to know more about the lectures you mentioned. My name is Balasekaran and am the eldest son of the late Mr.K.Suppiah who was the founder chairman of the temple. Please email me at and let me see what we can do.
Thank you for your interest, and may Ambal's blessings be always there for us.

bhattathiri said...

Groom: My beloved, by walking six steps with me you have filled my
heart with happiness. May I fill your heart with great joy and peace
time and time again.
Bride: My lord, may God bless you. May I fill your heart with great
joy and peace time and time again. I promise that I will always be
with you and will always support you.

Groom: My beloved, by walking this seventh step with me, our love and
friendship have become inseparable and eternal. We have experienced
spiritual union in God. Now you have become completely mine. I offer
my total self to you. May our marriage last forever.
Bride: My lord, I have become your spouse by the law of God, holy fire
and the holy scriptures. The promises I have made have been spoken
with pure heart and pure mind. All the angels are witnesses to this
fact. I shall neither deceive you nor will I ever let you down. May
our love for each other and this marriage last forever.

Anonymous said...

one my most favorite temple and use to go 2 to 3 times a week. the most peaeful temple which attached with nature.. calm feeling

Dhayalan Suppiah said...

This a lovely temple, pleasant and very conducive for prayers and worship.
Many thanks to the present President and the present committee members for their selfless sacrifices and efforts who carried on the the work after my father's (K. Suppiah) demise. It's better now than ever. May God Bless all of you in this life and the hereafter. Dhayalan Suppiah.

Raja said...


I have been to this koil twice or three times...and the location of the temple looks very peaceful and pleasant would like to go there always but I am not blessed to stay around the area.I am staying in cheras.But I travel to alot of temples but this temple has a pleasant view and peaceful atmosphere.

Jai Sriman Narayana


Anonymous said...

Is the gurukkal who is good with astrology etc, still there? Anyone has the ctc number to the temple?

Kumaresh Batumalai said...

No idea. Perhaps you can contact the temple.

Anonymous said...

How do i get informations regarding weddings.I would like to have my wedding there.

Unknown said...

Can I know when is the kumbhabishegam in raja Rajeswari temple .
I know is in feb ,dates not sure

Sheikh SuperSparks said...


Anonymous said...

The Kumbabhishegam is tomorrow morning, today i went for the Ennai Sathuthal..there was huge crowd for it...everyone is taking their own sweet time for Ennai one there to speed up the process !!!

Premlatha Naidu said...

Raja Rajeswari Temple is very dear to me as my grandfather (Late Mr.R.V. Naidu) was 1 of the founder member of the temple and my father was the architect who designed the first structure of this temple.

Feeling touched to read about the temple as the memories are very dear to my heart.

Best regards,
Premlatha Naidu