Sunday, November 28, 2010

Athi Eeswaran Temple, Sentul (Kuala Lumpur)

This majestic temple, with the largest ‘Raja Gopuram’ (royal tower) in South East Asia, was built in 1937 by a group of dedicated Saivite followers, lead by the late Dr.Viswalingam. The calm and refreshing vibration in this temple is spiritually intoxicating, nourishing for the soul, plucking off every worry in the stifling mind. This temple is strategically located opposite a Hindu burial ground, whereby the ashes of the crematorium are blown towards the entrance of the temple. Temples of this type are rare, and are known as ‘moksha’ (spiritual salvation) temples.

The ‘Shiva lingam’ (denoting the infinite energy of the Lord Shiva) which has been consecrated in this temple, originates from the holy river Ganges in Kashi, India. The original founder of this temple, Dr.Viswalingam had made a pilgrimage to India. As he was bathing in the holy Ganges river, he found this sacred ‘Shiva lingam’. This particular type of ‘Shiva lingam’ comes only from Narmada River, located in the west of India. This ‘Shiva lingam’ from Narmada river has been made popular by the movie ‘Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom’, whereby Indiana Jones was searching for the sacred ‘Shiva lingam’.

The faithful devotees who ardently attend to ‘Puja’ (Act of reverence through invocations, songs, prayers and rituals) at this temple are abundantly blessed. A dedicated lawyer, who has been actively serving this temple, was promoted to a judge. Another prominent businessman, who was having a downturn in his business, soon regained the profitability of his business after repeatedly donating for ‘Abhishekam’ (Pouring libations on the consecrated deities). In addition, there was an ill-stricken cancer patient, who continuously recited the ‘Mahamrityunjaya Mantra’ (A life restoring mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva), was miraculously cured in 3 months.

Address: Jalan Pusing, Sentul , 51000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-4041 1028


Anonymous said...

Many say that weddings should not be performed in a Shivan temple. I dont believe that, but I should seek advice. Please advice.

Anonymous said...

Marriage can be performed at any temple. Shiva is the better half of Goddess Parvathi. Lord Shiva represents Matter ( this is a scientic approach to explain this fact), Parvathi is Energy. Without Energy(Parvathi), Matter(Shiva) is inert. Where there is Shiva, there is Parvathi. When Matter and Energy combines, Sound(Ganesha) and Light(Skanda) appear. So in reality, all of them are present within each other. If you wish to have your wedding at the temple of your Ishtha Devata, go for it. Faith(Bhakthi) is all that matters. People are superstitious and foolish, will say anything to scare you. Also Vishnu is Space and Lakshmi is the gravitational Energy that holds everything In place. There is scientific explain in Hinduism. Om Sakthi.

Kumaresh Batumalai said...

An Excerpt from the Mastercourse (Kauai Adheenam):
God Siva is a one being, yet we understand Him in three perfections:
Absolute Reality, Pure Consciousness and Primal Soul. As Absolute
Reality, Siva is unmanifest, unchanging and transcendent, the Self God,
timeless, formless and spaceless. As Pure Consciousness, Siva is the
manifest primal substance, pure love and light flowing through all
form, existing everywhere in time and space as infinite intelligence
and power. As Primal Soul, Siva is the five-fold manifestation: Brahma,
the creator; Vishnu, the preserver; Rudra, the destroyer; Maheshvara,
the veiling Lord, and Sadasiva, the revealer. He is our personal Lord,
source of all three worlds. Our divine father-mother protects, nurtures
and guides us, veiling Truth as we evolve, revealing it when we are
mature enough to receive God's bountiful grace. God Siva is all and in
all, great beyond our conception, a sacred mystery that can be known in
direct communion. Yea, when Siva is known, all is known. The Vedas state:
"That part of Him which is characterized by tamas is called Rudra. That
part of Him which belongs to rajas is Brahma. That part of Him which
belongs to sattva is Vishnu." Aum Namah Sivaya.

Rathi Thevi said...

Until what time does this temple open at morning and evening??

Rathi Thevi said...

Until what time does this temple open at morning and evening??

Long Chai Meng said...

This temple is open at 6AM for abishegam

First morning puja starts at 7am until 10am

Then open again around 11.50am until 12.50pm

And in the evenings, 5.30pm is the Abishegam

Evening puja starts at 6.30pm until 9.30pm